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Vuforia® AR Product Family

Develop AR apps with advanced
vision and recognition
Create and build any AR experience for any platform. The world’s most widely deployed AR platform, PTC’s Vuforia® Engine powers over 55,000 AR apps.

Learn more about Vuforia® Engine.

Author & publish industrial AR
at enterprise scale
Build codeless AR experiences.

Vuforia® Studio offers a code-free way to easily deliver AR experiences that merge the digital and physical worlds.

Learn more about Vuforia® studio.

Connect technicians & experts
via AR Remote Assistance
Remote collaboration meets AR annotation. Vuforia® Chalk is revolutionizing mobile collaboration. Users digitally share and annotate their physical environments in real-time.
Learn more about Vuforia® chalk.

Vuforia® users can leverage the richness of 3D and the insights from IoT to deliver compelling augmented reality experiences that help improve efficiencies, build better products and enable safer, more productive workers.

Meet Vuforia® Studio

Studio is the only code-free authoring environment that enables industrial content creators to:

  • Reduce development costs – rapidly create content without programming
  • Accelerate content creation – use existing 3D CAD and animated sequences
  • Streamline enterprise scalability – access and view experiences from a single app
  • Easily provide insight – leverage real-time IoT and business systems data


Bringing Mixed Reality to Life

Vuforia® Studio unleashes the power of the Microsoft HoloLens in the industrial enterprise with built-in support for gestures and voice commands.

Accelerating Assisted Reality

Vuforia® Studio content creators can easily author scalable 2D user interactions leveraging new or existing content such as: assembly procedure documents, videos and IoT data without the need for programming interactions.

Out-of-the box support for Realwear and Vuzix devices unlocks new possibilities for workforce productivity.